Patient Review by Mark W

I would not go to any other oral surgeon. He has done me and my family right every time we have been to him. He always puts the patient first even if it means he has to sacrifice his time from his family to make sure that we are okay. Also something that is not seen much is he always makes a follow-up phone call the day after procedures. You would have a hard time finding any other doctor or oral surgeon to do that himself they usually have nurses or office staff do this Dr Papadopoulos makes the phone call himself most of the time I have nothing bad to say about him is a great surgeon and also a great person he truly cares. I also want to put out there that I was not asked to make a review it is just something I decided to do on my own. They deserve to hear the good news when it's good and the bad news when it's bad this is good news and a good review because they deserve it.

- Mark W

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